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Summoning the Demon (3 Pack)

Summoning the Demon (3 Pack)

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Confront Satan’s End-Time Deceptions Head-On!

In this era of unparalleled technological advances, artificial intelligence reshapes our world and UFOs are found daily in the headlines. Believers are faced with urgent, soul-stirring questions: Is there a trace of AI in biblical prophecy? Could the antichrist manipulate this technology to dominate our era? Does the Bible talk about aliens? Above all, how should the Church, armed with ancient wisdom, respond to this modern revolution?

Asking these same questions, Alan DiDio, a formidable apostolic and prophetic leader and the dynamic force behind the Encounter Today YouTube channel, embarked on a quest for truth. Through extensive research and revelatory interviews, he brings to light a balanced narrative, juxtaposing the potential of AI against the unchanging truths of biblical prophecies and the unfolding of global events.

Prepare to dive deep with prophetic precision and groundbreaking research. Alan DiDio offers profound, scriptural insights into contemporary issues, allowing you to:
  • Uncover the shocking parallels between AI and the Tower of Babel.
  • Discover AI’s prophesied role in Scripture.
  • Unveil the truth behind UFOs: angelic visitations or demonic deceptions?
  • Explore the resurgence of nephilim in the digital age.
  • Learn to identify the antichrist spirit lurking in technology.
  • Unmask satan’s devious end-time strategy.

Armed with this prophetic insight, you are called to rise, unshakable in your crucial end-time role. It’s time to seize your destiny and light the way in this revolutionary age!
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