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Alert! Perilous Times: A Prepper's Guide to the Last Days

Alert! Perilous Times: A Prepper's Guide to the Last Days

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Your essential guide for End-Times Preparation.
“I believe this book is a prophetic work releasing a word from the Lord about the urgency of preparing for perilous times and learning to stay alert and on watch.” - James Durham
James Durham is a seasoned minister, prolific author, and seer who received a series of prophetic visions concerning the end times.
Are you prepared for the perilous times ahead?
Don’t be caught off guard.
These visions began with families packing for a trip. However, they were not packing for ordinary travel or vacation; they were rushed, anxious and frantic. He realized that each of these families was moving towards a safe location during troubling times. Oddly enough, they seemed to be both prepared and unprepared at the same time. They were reviewing their lists, making sure they had everything—but in the spirit, James discerned that they were most likely missing some essential items for the journey.
In preparation for the perilous times ahead, learn how to:

  • Walk under an open Heaven. Be anchored in peace during times of fear, chaos and darkness on the Earth.
  • Discern the signs of the times so you are not caught off guard by unfolding events.
  • Expose and resist deception from the powers of darkness.
  • Be spiritually awake and alert so you are not swept away by the devil’s agenda.

“Times of tribulation will not be the end of your story if you are a born-again disciple of Jesus. You will not end with failure or defeat. The victory has already been won. You are in the winner’s circle. You are an overcomer!”

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